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We have closed and this is a commemorative site for the benefit of our former members.

BoneDaddy's Hideaway - 21 & Over Live Music Night Club

We Are a Growing Community

BoneDaddy’s is a special place for creative people to relax, enjoy great music with friends, play games, watch TV and trade tales. It has become a favorite watering hole for musicians, artists, bikers, professionals and even NC Senators and members of the NC House of Representatives. Dress code at BoneDaddy’s varies from torn blue collar to white collar with ties to no collar at all and we just don’t care – just come to have fun! Welcome to our website, and hope you can get by real soon! We are currently growing and hope you will join us.


Smoking Policy

We hate that we can't smoke inside anymore but we have built a 1000 square foot canopy for you with TV, stereo, ceiling fans, misters, two grills, a great bar and seating - please come and enjoy our beer garden, and smoke all you want!

Membership – Yes we are a private club but if you currently are not a member don’t let that deter you from coming over. You have several easy options: You can join at the door for $10* or just ask any of our members to sign you in as their guest for the night and the cover for non members will be just $5 or less for most of our shows and many are FREE for everyone. If you would like to have one of our distinctive stainless steel “membertags” they are $5 with your membership. While the membership is set up as an annual fee we have waived all renewal fees until this blasted recession is a memory so enjoy a extra year or two on us.

Please Visit Our Calendar For a Complete Event Listing

Monthly Schedule

We have two open mic events every week, on Thursday nights from 8PM till closing and on Sunday afternoons from 2PM till ??. There is no charge to enter for anyone and musicians/entertainers can sign in as guests of the Open Mic Host. We affectionately refer to our guest musicians as being part of the BoneDaddy All Star JamBand!!

Thursday Nights - 8PM

Host Week 1 – Scott Scherr
Host Week 2 - Neal D Bluesman
Host Week 3 – The Triangle Blues Society
Host Week 4 – Tommy Redd

Sunday Afternoon - 2PM

Ron Ross & Friends (Ron Ross is with The Magic Pipers)


We are more than a night club, tavern, or private club – we are a community center for friends who like great music, who like to spend time relaxing with friends, who enjoy a game or cornhole, ring toss, pool, darts or games. We have the NASCAR Races and most available games on our big screens and have snacks available all the time for members & guests and we can always fire up the grill. We are located at “The Exact Center of the Universe” and just inside the beltline so we can be a central meeting place for everyone. We host many charitable events and are proud to help those less fortunate than ourselves at every turn. If you are a member with a local charitable cause, we would consider being of assistance to you organization or cause. Please contact us for more information or with any questions.